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The Cool Energy diverTech Solar Energy Diverter is designed to harvest energy that would normally be exported to the grid.

It monitors the whole house electricity supply and when export is detected it starts to divert electricity to a heating element in 100W increments.

Two elements can be connected and heated sequentially with element 1 always taking priority. The device will also show real time data of unit status and total energy saved. View Online

Solar Energy Diverter Job Quote My Renewable Quote
Solar Energy Diverter Job Quote My Renewable Quote Cool Energy

Cool Energy DiverTech Features

Harvest Free Solar Energy To Heat Your Water & Increase Your Solar PV Return on Investment.

Frequently Asked Questions
Solar Energy Diverter

The key is the size of your solar PV system and also how much power you consume during the day. If you have a reasonably-sized array of 3-4 kWp and therefore are generally not consuming too much power, then the diverter could heat your water for free. This would mean a reduction in fossil fuel consumption if you have a traditional boiler, as well as Carbon Savings.

A solar diverter is what it says: a device through which any solar power not being used in your home is diverted to an electrical appliance, generally an immersion heater in your hot water and / or an electric heater. The load must be resistive.

It detects how much solar power is being generated in real time and how much power is being consumed in the house in real time. If the solar power is greater than the consumer power, then the power is routed through the immersion heater.


A small electronic box is fitted, generally close to your hot water cylinder, and wired in line with the immersion element power supply. Then two Current Transformer CT clamps are fitted, one around your solar PV AC cable and the other around your main incoming mains supply.

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Air source heat pump manufacturer cool energy
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