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Created on October 13, 2023

Updated on February 5, 2024

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Smart Heating Control – 10 Advantages

Digital existence stands as the paramount emblem of our era. To put it differently, it’s indispensable. In our contemporary, energy-conscious residences, our inclination extends beyond merely operating equipment remotely. There’s a growing desire to manage their functioning—such as the heating system—over the internet. Explore the benefits of online heating control.

Our primary emphasis today will be on online heating control. Firstly, heating constitutes a pivotal domain for SALUS Controls. Secondly, it’s worthwhile to comprehend the merits of this level of convenience.

Commencing with the benefits, it’s essential to note that internet-based central heating control offers a diverse array of applications. This method effectively manages the regulation of heating parameters, not only in individual homes, multi-family residences, and leased apartments but also in establishments like hotels and vacation accommodations. The ease of controlling multiple systems concurrently adds to its versatility.

smart controls advantages

What's on this page?

10 advantages of controlling heating via the Internet

What do you gain by choosing intelligent heating control?

1. Optimal room heating

… This translates to elevated thermal comfort, offering continuous control that will be valued by occupants of your residence (hotel, office). Keep in mind that you can customize the temperature for each room. With precise control algorithms integrated into the thermostats, ensuring optimal conditions is effortless, no matter your location at any given time. This ensures that your family (guests, employees) will always experience just the right temperature – never too hot or too cold.

2. Remote change of settings (in mobile app)

The benefit of investing in a heating control system lies in the ability to establish individual work schedules for each room. However, as life unfolds, the preset configurations may not always align with your dynamic schedule. Unanticipated early returns from work or departures with uncertain return times can disrupt the routine. In such cases, a predefined schedule falls short. Following a demanding day, you may find it necessary to manually adjust the settings to return to a comfortably warm home. The ability to control your heating source online, whether from your office or even a hotel in Mallorca, adds another advantage. This feature ensures real-time updates of heating parameters, enhancing the management of your home automation through the Internet.

3. A method for the forgetful

Occasionally, we overlook routine tasks, such as switching off lights or turning off the DHW pump. With online access to home appliances, we can address these issues anytime. Through the Internet app, we can adjust heating values or deactivate equipment, even from hundreds of kilometers away!

4. Advantages for hoteliers

The online management of heating proves highly convenient for hotel managers, enabling simultaneous control of multiple rooms and thermostats. With a single gateway, it’s possible to connect up to 100 devices, allowing one system to potentially cover an entire facility. For organizational clarity, creating separate systems for each floor is advisable, facilitating easier identification of thermostats within the Internet app. This way, temperature control can be efficiently managed from both home and the private section of the hotel, along with the ability to update set limits in customer-rented rooms.

5. Control temperature settings from anywhere in the world

We’ve touched upon this previously, yet it merits a dedicated mention as a distinct advantage. This solution customizes the thermal conditions of the building more effectively to our specific requirements than any other method.

6. Savings

Efficient heating management not only ensures comfort but also yields substantial savings. The primary financial benefit of heating control lies in avoiding energy wastage when you are away from home. Through your schedules, you can adjust room temperatures throughout the day, preventing unnecessary heating of the entire dwelling. Online control further enhances heating efficiency, enabling real-time adjustments to preset settings. This adaptability to circumstances allows for prudent management, such as turning off heating in an unoccupied residence during emergencies. Ultimately, this approach minimizes the consumption of heating fuel, resulting in tangible cost savings.

7. Monitoring of the operation of home / hotel / office equipment

This benefit should be integrated with the earlier point, considering both its immediate impact and a broader perspective beyond heating control, encompassing all aspects of building automation. Smart Home mobile applications offer the capability to generate energy consumption charts. Utilizing the Smart Plugs system provides comprehensive data, revealing the efficiency of various devices and pinpointing those contributing to avoidable power consumption costs. Armed with this information, you can adjust equipment operations, establish different modes, or opt for energy-efficient replacements, enabling more informed and judicious energy management.

8. Security bonuses as advantages (SMS notifications of possible threats)

As highlighted in the earlier point, Internet-based heating control extends beyond managing room temperatures, offering additional functionalities. Some devices provide features such as receiving SMS or email alerts, notifying you of events like a fire in the boiler room (detected by a smoke sensor), kitchen flooding (detected by a flood sensor), or an intruder entering the house (detected by an opening sensor). This feature provides an opportunity for swift reactions, helping to mitigate potential losses. Opting for online heating system control not only enhances comfort but also contributes to the security of your residence (hotel, office).

9. Environmental advantages

Similar to the cost-saving aspect, managing heating through online controls contributes to ecological benefits by minimizing excessive usage and unnecessary energy consumption. The reduction in emissions has a positive impact on the environment, serving as a tool to combat global climate change and alleviate its adverse effects on our health.

10. Increasing the value of a building in the property market

Building automation significantly influences the decision-making process of potential buyers. A property equipped with an Internet heating control system not only gains the reputation of a modern, intelligent home but also commands a higher price. Developers aiming to enhance the value of their investment should consider this aspect.

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Get FREE Smart Control Quotes
Find out how much a Smart Control System would cost you

Step 1 of 4

Complete A Short Form – Receive Free Quotes – Compare & Save

Get FREE Smart Control Quotes
Find out how much a Smart Control System would cost you

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Complete A Short Form – Receive Free Quotes – Compare & Save

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