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Get FREE Solar Quotes
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Frequently Asked Questions
Solar Thermal

The sun is amazingly powerful! The tiny fraction of the sun’s energy that actively reaches earth is enough to meet our energy needs many times over. In fact, every minute, enough energy arrives at earth to meet our energy demands for a whole year – if only we could harness it properly.

Our customers are always surprised at how much water our solar installations provide. Reliable studies have shown that systems installed in the UK can provide an average of about 70% of the hot water requirements over the year. Systems work surprisingly well in the winter (16-18% of hot water needs being met in December and January) and almost 100% of hot water needs being met in July and August.

Even when sunlight is diffused through cloud, you’d be surprised at the amount of heat that the solar panels can still collect. And nothing is wasted – all the heat collected is used to pre-heat the cold water entering from the mains. So even in winter you won’t be heating your water from scratch; your panels will work hard all year round to save you money.

Firstly, a solar collector (more commonly known as a solar panel) on the roof of your home traps the heat from the sun. The panel is filled with a non-toxic, special liquid that circulates within the panel and transfers heat to the hot water cylinder within your home. The temperature of the liquid is constantly monitored by an electronic controller. Whenever the collectors are hotter than the cylinder, the circulating pump is switched on to transfer the heat to the cylinder.

Panels work best when facing due South, yet they also work at a suitable yet reduced capacity facing due East or West as facing up to 90º from south will typically result in only a 20% drop in performance! Panels don’t need to be roof mounted either, we build frames to allow them to be ground, wall or roof mounted.

No planning permission is needed in the vast majority of cases. If you live in a conservation area or in a listed building planning permission may need to be obtained.

No regular system maintenance is required at all. The solar panels have a self cleaning coating, which means the rain will keep your panels clean for you.

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