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Created on October 11, 2023

Updated on February 5, 2024

Reading Time: 5 minutes

The Complete Guide to Electric Vehicle Range 2024

You aspire to embrace the electric driving experience—silently cruising down highways, free from concerns about unnecessary carbon emissions in your surroundings. Opting for electric vehicles not only contributes to a greener planet but also proves economical to charge, making it a practical choice. As long as your power source remains reliable, you can confidently navigate without the stress of range anxiety. Modern electric vehicles boast impressive ranges, providing reassurance for your journeys.

If you’re eager to join the eco-friendly movement by installing your electric charging point, take the first step by completing this brief form. Our reputable installers will then furnish you with personalized quotes to facilitate your transition to electric mobility.

ev car range

What's on this page?

How far can an electric car go on one charge?

An average electric car boasts a range of 220 miles on a single charge, enabling you to journey from London to Manchester seamlessly without the need for a stop at a public electric charging station. In contrast, a typical petrol car can cover 434.5 miles on a single tank of fuel, nearly twice the distance, allowing for a non-stop trip from London to Edinburgh. However, it’s essential to consider that petrol cars are costlier to fuel and have a more significant environmental impact.

The longest range electric vehicles

The electric vehicle boasting the lengthiest range is the Mercedes EQS 450+, offering an impressive 395 miles on a single charge. With numerous options available, as indicated below, individuals seeking to drive an electric car without worrying about range anxiety have a diverse range of choices, as per the EV Database.

Electric vehicle


Mercedes EQS 450+


Tesla Model S Dual Motor


Mercedes EQS AMG 53 4MATIC+


Tesla Model S Plaid


Audi Q8 e-tron Sportback 55 quattro


Mercedes EQE 300


Mercedes EQE 350


Lotus Eletre


BMW iX xDrive 50


BMW i7 xDrive60


Fisker Ocean Ultra


Fisker Ocean Extreme


Fisker Ocean One


Polestar 3 Long Range Dual motor


Audi Q8 e-tron 55 quattro


BMW iX M60


Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor


Mercedes EQS SUV 450 4MATIC


Mercedes EQS SUV 580 4MATIC


Porsche Taycan Plus


Mercedes EQE AMG 53 4MATIC+


Hyundai IONIQ 6 Long Range 2WD


BMW i4 eDrive40


Tesla Model X Dual Motor


Polestar 3 Long Range Performance



Can an electric car go 400 miles?

Certainly, the Lucid Motors Air Grand Touring model boasts an impressive range of 410 miles on a single charge. While a few other electric cars, such as Tesla’s Model S and the Mercedes EQS 450+, have official ranges exceeding the 400-mile mark, real-life testing often reveals shorter distances. Lucid Motors’ achievement in surpassing this historic 400-mile barrier for electric vehicles indicates a milestone, suggesting that other major brands may soon follow suit.

What electric cars go 1,000 miles?

Aptera Motors has developed the groundbreaking solar-powered NeverCharge, which stands out as the sole electric car achieving a remarkable range of 1,000 miles.
While not yet available for purchase, approximately 40,000 individuals have already submitted a deposit to secure a reservation for this exceptional vehicle from the California-based company.

Aptera anticipates pricing the car at approximately £39,000, a surprisingly modest cost considering the advanced technology integrated into the product.
In a similar vein, other automotive companies are also making significant advancements. For instance, Mercedes-Benz recently announced that its EQXX concept car successfully completed a 747-mile journey from Stuttgart, Germany to Silverstone, UK, on a single charge.

The EQXX model is projected to potentially enter the market by 2024, indicating the rapid progression within the industry.

Is electric vehicle ‘range anxiety’ justified?

Concerns about the range of electric vehicles are understandable, but become less relevant when considering the statistics. Nowadays, the average model can cover 220 miles on a full charge, which is typically more than adequate for most drivers. Moreover, there are over 22,000 locations across the UK where you can recharge your vehicle if needed, as reported by Zap-Map.

In case you still have apprehensions, there is a straightforward remedy – affordable and convenient charging options are available at home. By investing in an electric vehicle charging point, priced at around £1,000, you can alleviate your range anxiety and take charge of your charging needs.

How to increase the range of an electric vehicle

There are numerous methods to effectively extend the range of your electric vehicle, many of which revolve around adopting a gentle driving style and maintaining your car properly.

Ensure that you drive smoothly whenever possible, minimizing abrupt braking as it consumes more energy.

Consider the terrain you’ll be traversing, as driving in hilly areas can deplete the battery more rapidly. Plan your route in advance to avoid unnecessary energy expenditure.

Maintain a moderate speed of 50-60 miles per hour on motorways and generally drive at a more relaxed pace. Decreasing your speed by 10 miles per hour compared to your usual rate can reduce energy usage by up to 14%.

Regularly charge your car to keep the battery within its optimal range, typically between 20% and 80%.

For further conservation of battery power, deactivate additional electric features such as air conditioning, heating, and entertainment systems.

Remove any unnecessary items from your vehicle, including accessories like a bike rack that is not required for every trip, or belongings that could be stored elsewhere instead of in your boot.

Additionally, ensure proper maintenance of your vehicle by keeping the tires inflated to the recommended level, which can often be done at no cost, and periodically cleaning the car to minimize drag.

Is it worth getting an extended range electric vehicle?

Purchasing an extended range electric vehicle is generally not considered a worthwhile investment. These vehicles operate primarily on a battery like other electric models, but are equipped with a petrol-powered range extender.

When the car’s battery depletes to a certain level, this supplementary unit activates and begins recharging the battery. While this can be beneficial for individuals who frequently drive long distances, it typically only increases the car’s overall range by 20-50 miles per hour.

Moreover, since the range extender relies on fossil fuel, it has a more detrimental impact on the environment compared to a standard electric vehicle. Due to these factors, acquiring an extended range electric vehicle in the UK is currently challenging.

How to calculate the range of an electric vehicle

You can determine the range of an electric vehicle by dividing the battery’s capacity by the vehicle’s efficiency.

For example, if the battery size of a car like the Lotus Eletre is 107 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and its efficiency is 0.334 kilowatt-hours per mile (kWh/mi), dividing the battery size by the efficiency gives us the range, which in this case is an impressive 320 miles.

It’s important to note that the actual range of your electric vehicle will be influenced by your driving habits and usage patterns, so the most accurate way to calculate its range is by monitoring your own journeys.


Electric vehicles have achieved remarkable milestones in terms of their ranges, and we anticipate that these records will continue to be surpassed in the coming years.

We hope to have alleviated any concerns you may have had about electric vehicle range anxiety, as the average driver no longer needs to be apprehensive.

If you are interested in reducing your driving expenses while contributing to environmental preservation, simply complete this brief form, and our reputable installers will provide you with personalized quotes for a home electric vehicle charging point.

Get FREE EV Charger Quotes
Find out how much an EV Charger would cost you

Step 1 of 6

Complete A Short Form – Receive Free Quotes – Compare & Save

Get FREE EV Charger Quotes
Find out how much an EV Charger would cost you

Step 1 of 6

Complete A Short Form – Receive Free Quotes – Compare & Save

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